Device for air quality monitoring and indoor climate control

A necessary and sufficient set of recorded microclimate and air quality parameters

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Fine particles
(PM1, PM2.5, PM10)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)



High-quality e-ink display

History of changes in recorded parameters in visual form

Web interface accessible from any device

Controlling home appliances using wifi outlets

Microclimate automation with custom scripts

Custom Script Examples

Automatic maintenance of the desired microclimate parameters

Enable/Disable household appliances on schedule

Interpretation of recorded microclimate values

Display weather forecast from the Internet

Smart Alarm Clock

SMS informing

Working prototype device


  • CO2 range, error
    0...5000ppm, ±50ppm
  • PM range, error
    0...500μg/m³, <=±10μg/m³
  • TVOC range
  • Temperature range, error
    0...80°C, ±0.3
  • Humidity range, error
    0...100%, ±2.0%
  • Display
    electronic ink, 2.9"
  • Wi-Fi standards
    802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
  • WiFi modes
    client and access point
  • Power supply
    by mains, by battery
  • Battery life
    4 hours
  • Operating temperature range
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

About the device

We are developing a ComfortArea device for air quality monitoring and indoor climate control.

ComfortArea is urgently needed in homes where there are young children and people with diseases of the respiratory system. ComfortArea is a "musthave" wherever people care about their health and effectiveness.

Benefits ComfortArea are affordable price and rich functionality. The cost of the device will not exceed 9000 rubles which is significantly lower than the cost of competitor offers. The low price is due to the minimum requirements for hardware resources thanks to the abandonment of the Linux OS and the implementation of functionality on “bare hardware”.

There are no direct competitors on the Russian market. Similar functionality is offered by the Tion product line. In the overseas market, the main competitor is IQAir AirVisual Enterprise, which offers its devices for $ 269.00 (more than 2x).

Our device is self-sufficient

We did not use the currently popular approach, according to which the interaction with the "smart" device is carried out through the service (website, cloud) available on the Internet. It attracts developers, as it is fairly simple to implement, but it has a number of drawbacks that the user faces. It is impossible to connect to such a device directly, and in the situation, where the Internet is not available, the connection to the device and / or the operation of the device become impossible. We consider this to be unacceptable.

Taking care of the user, we applied a different approach. Our device is completely self-sufficient. All available functionality is implemented in the device itself, including: saving the history of changes in values, a web server, an interpreter of user scripts, a software access point. The user connects to the device directly via a Wi-Fi network or router.

We do not use Linux

Another popular approach implemented by developers in smart devices is the use of the Linux operating system. Typically, these are home automation controllers and other devices with a web server and TCP / IP protocol stack. Of course, using Linux greatly simplifies development, since Linux already includes parallel tasks launching, file system, implementation of network protocols, support for many application programs, such as web servers, interpreters. But the flip side of using Linux is significantly higher requirements for the hardware of the device compared to the implementation of the necessary functionality on “bare hardware”.

Linux is not used in our device, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and minimal hardware requirements; as a result the cost of electronic components is low.

Our team

  • Soldatov Victor, Candidate of Technical Sciences: software development, package, design, testing and debugging; experience in the development of information systems and devices.
  • Semenov Alexey: development of hardware; experience in the development of industrial interfaces.

We are looking for investors and business partners
+7 (922) 8477210